Links to Websites That May Interest Birders

Local Bird Clubs in Eastern Oregon and Washington    
 Blue Mountain Audubon Society Website Blue Mountain Audubon, Walla Walla, Washington.
Grant County Bird Club Email Mr. Tom Winters for information. Monthly Newsletter: The Upland Sandpiper
Bird / Wildlife Rehabilitation    
Blue Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation
and Education Center near Pendleton Blue Mountain Wildlife is a volunteer nonprofit organization whose purpose is to take orphaned, sick or injured wildlife, primarily birds of prey.
Bird Club Related Mailing Lists and Websites    
AirOasis Birds in the air -- Identifying Birds in Flight
An excellent article on birding basics including topics such as Bird Watching Basics; Identifying Birds; and, Birding Places. This site has 30 website links, al of educational value -- highly recommended.
Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching An excellent resource for finding information on birding, including choosing the right binoculars; finding the birds; best time to bird-watch; birding ethics; and birding clubs.
Birdingonthe.Net  Birding for the 21st Century Launching pad to mailing lists, galleries and a huge number of links from around the world.
"The Binocular Site" birding/bird-clubs-in-north-america.html Lists bird clubs found in all 50 States and features binoculars by brand. Bird Gardens - Flowers and Plants to Attract Wildlife Barewalls has a vast collection of prints and posters containing artwork from thousands of  photographers and painters and an extensive category of wild bird prints.
PhotographyTalk This excellent website is jammed with photography Q&A as well as advice on Photography Courses, How to Articles,  Bird & Wildlife Photography, photo galleries, Samples of Inspirational Photography, Astrophotography, Gift Guides, and forums. Highly Recommended!
Bird Photography...    
Brian E. Small Bird and Nature Photography Superb color photo gallery.
University of Berkeley Digital
Library Project Hundreds upon hundreds of bird photos (both by amateurs and professionals); pictures of rare species included.
"Tweeters" Bird Images Gallery Massive database of high quality photos by dozens of photographers from across the United States; pour yourself an extra cup of coffee if you go here to browse...
William Zittrich Some of the highest quality hummingbird photos you will find on the Internet.
Robert Shantz Excellent selection of high quality photographs. Most of the photos originate in the desert southwest.
Mike Danzenbaker    home.htm One of the premier bird photo sites on the web with perhaps the largest collection of high quality photos. Superb!
Bill Horn Images of both native and migratory birds found in Oklahoma.
Tom Munson Tom Munson is an outstanding nature photographer who specializes in bird  photography. He is located in Spokane, Washington.
Foto Search
Stock Photography Foto Search Stock Photography has
thousands of bird images including wild birds, birds of prey, and rehabilitation of birds.
Can Stock Photo Provides over 10,000 images of birds such as song birds, birds of prey, and other wild birds. These images are free to browse and include photographs, illustrations, stock video clips, and more.
Government Agencies    
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife ODFW, Fish & Wildlife Regulations
US Forest Service Official Web Site of The USDA Forest Service
US Fish & Wildlife Service ―
Pacific Region Refuges, Migratory Birds & State Programs, Organization Programs
US Fish & Wildlife Service ―
National Image Gallery All of the photos at this site are in the public domain -- free and not copyright protected.  Not that many species in the database.


A Special Note to Our Hummingbird Feeder Friends: For our friends who love to feed hummingbirds, we have an excellent article written by Dan Gleason, Ornithology Instructor, University of Oregon with timely advise on why it is so important to use the standard 1 part sugar to 4 parts water ratio when mixing hummingbird food for your feeders. To prevent harming the birds we so much admire at your feeders, please read Dan's advice on why high sugar concentrations can debilitate hummingbirds, especially during the cold winter months. And never -- ever -- use honey as a sugar source in a hummingbird feeder. Click here to load the article: hummingbird nectar.pdf .