Umatilla County Bird Checklists
Checklist of the Birds of Pendleton Community Park
  Prepared by  
  Russ & Connie Betts
and Jean Woods
Umatilla County, Oregon

   Current Number of Species Sighted: 89

   Last Updated: 19 January 2016

New Sightings in 2010: California Gull
New Sightings in 2014: Pacific Wren
New Sightings in 2016: Red-breasted Sapsucker

 Checklist of the Birds of Pendleton Community Park, including the residential area along McKay Creek from SW Quinney to Kirk Ave., SW 37th to the top of west side hill, Pendleton, OR

The checklist has been compiled over a six-year period and shows 89 species, including 12 species which have been sighted once.



Report rare bird sightings to: Dave Herr, Field Note Coordinator for The Pendleton Bird Club, at  

C = CERTAIN - species will be seen and/or heard by an alert observer
= NEARLY CERTAIN - species are present and usually seen, but could be infrequently missed
= OFTEN FOUND - species are almost certain to be present every day but could be missed due to their low numbers
= OCCASIONALLY FOUND - species occur regularly but can be difficult to find due to low numbers or secretive behavior. Some of these species may not be present every day.
= INFREQUENT VISITOR - species do not occur in this area on regular basis and are found in low numbers when they do. If lucky, the observer might see one.
= NOCTURNAL - species are probably present but are active at night, and the observer is unlikely to see them during a mourning walk.
Sp = Mar. 1 May 31;
S = June 1
  Aug. 31;
F = Sept. 1
  Nov. 30;
W = Dec. 1
Feb. 28/29

The Blue Jay was present in Dec., 2004 and Jan.
May, 2005. The Pileated Woodpecker was sighted once on November 23, 2009.

Species to watch for: Cassins Finch, Purple Finch, Tree Swallow, Osprey, Rock Pigeon.
Species Sighted Sp S F W Notes
Canada Goose OF NC OF C Fly over
Cackling Goose OF Fly over
Gadwall OCF OCF
American Wigeon OCF OCF
Mallard C IV C C Nests
Redhead IV Seen once
Ring-necked Pheasant C NC NC C Nests
Common Merganser IV Seen once
California Quail C C C CF Nests, rely on sound
American White Pelican IV Fly over
Double-crested Cormorant IV Fly over
Great Blue Heron OF OF OF C
Black-crowned Night Heron OF OCF
Bald Eagle OF Fly over
Northern Harrier OF OF IV
Sharp-shinned Hawk C
Northern Goshawk IV
Swainson's Hawk C C IV Nests
Red-tailed Hawk NC IV IV C
Rough-legged Hawk NC
American Kestrel C C OF OF Nests
American Coot IV Seen once
Sandhill Crane IV Fly over
Killdeer C C C OCF
Greater Yellowlegs IV OCF OCF
Spotted Sandpiper IV Seen once
Wilson's Snipe IV Seen once
Ring-billed Gull OF C
California Gull   IV     Seen once
Mourning Dove C C NC NC Nests
Western Screech Owl OF OCF OCF IV Nests
Great Horned Owl IV Nest south of area
Common Nighthawk C
Black-chinned Hummingbird NC C OF IV Nests
Rufous Hummingbird C IV
Belted Kingfisher C OF OCF C
Lewis' Woodpecker IV Seen once
Downy Woodpecker OCF OCF OF
Red-breasted Sapucker       IV  Seen once on January 1, 2016
Northern Flicker C C C C Nests
Dusky Flycatcher C C
Say's Phoebe C C Nests
Western Kingbird C C Nests
Blue Jay IV Not every year
Black-billed Magpie C C
American Crow C C C C Nests
Common Raven IV IV IV
Horned Lark C
Violet-green Swallow C C Nests
Barn Swallow C C Nests
Black-capped Chickadee C
Mountain Chickadee OCF IV
House Wren OCF OCF Nests
Bewick's Wren OF Seen once
Pacific Wren   OCF     Seen once
Red-breasted Nuthatch OCF Not every year
Ruby-crowned Kinglet C OCF
Townsend's Solitaire OF OCF
American Robin C C OCF C Nests
Varied Thrush IV IV
European Starling C C C C
Bohemian Waxwing IV Seen once
Cedar Waxwing OCF OCF OCF
Orange-crowned Warbler IV Seen once
Yellow Warbler OCF OCF IV
Yellow-rumped Warbler OCF C
MacGillivray's Warbler IV OCF
Common Yellowthroat IV Seen once
Western Tanager IV
Spotted Towhee OCF OCF
Chipping Sparrow OCF OCF
Song Sparrow C C C
White-crowned Sparrow C C C
Golden-crowned Sparrow IV
Dark-eyed Junco OF OF C
Black-headed Grosbeak IV Seen once 2007
Lazuli Bunting IV
Red-winged Blackbird C C C
Tricolored Blackbird IV
Western Meadowlark C NC NC OF Nests
Brewer's Blackbird C C NC
Brown-headed Cowbird OCF
Bullock's Oriole IV Seen once
House Finch C C C C Nests
American Goldfinch C C C C Nests
Evening Grosbeak IV Not every year
House Sparrow C C C C Nests
Pileated Woodpecker     IV   Seen once 2009