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Pendleton Bird Club
Pendleton, Oregon


In March 2003, a group of 20 people, drawn  together by their mutual interest in observing and studying wild birds, met at Pendleton to organize a local bird club. Pendleton, located in northeastern Oregonís Umatilla County, is situated along the Umatilla River at the western base of the Blue Mountains .

Since our inception in 2003, our membership has grown to over 177 birders. Club members are dedicated to (1) promoting recreational birding for all birders, from beginner to expert, and providing a forum for sharing in the enjoyment and experiences of birding; (2) contributing to our knowledge of wild birds and their habits, distribution, and habitat in Umatilla County and adjacent areas; (3) informing the public on the appreciation of wild birds and their conservation; and (4) promoting the conservation of birds and their habitat.

We hold monthly evening meetings in the fall and winter months, typically from October through May (please consult the Calendar of Events on the Home Page for details). Programs include presentations from bird club members as well as outside sources. Birding field trips are generally held during spring and summer months and often include a picnic at a beautiful location within Umatilla County. Annual Club sponsored birding events include The Big Sit! and the Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count.

In the short time since the clubís inception, members have established a bluebird trail for Mountain and Western Bluebirds; assisted a local elementary school class in building nest boxes for a bluebird trail; participated in the spring and fall North American Migration Counts, Umatilla County Christmas Bird Count and the Big Sit!; participated in establishing the Breeding Bird Atlas at the Umatilla Chemical Depot; prepared a checklist of Umatilla County birds; constructed six Wood Duck nest boxes for installation at Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge; established and monitored dozens of Burrowing Owl artificial nesting sites at the Chemical Depot and Wanaket Wildlife Area and created this website. For future projects, we intend to expand our bluebird trails, prepare checklists on birds of local state parks and wildlife areas, produce an annotated list of the birds of Umatilla County, and provide information on birds and bird conservation to area school children.

We encourage anyone interested in birds to join us in the fun and camaraderie at our meetings and on our field trips to observe birds in their native habitats throughout Umatilla County.






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